Our Modules


The Vista comes in as our most popular module for bedrooms, bathrooms and that second lounge for the kids. Ideally designed to flow off central living modules and narrow enough to work around even the most complex site allowance, the Vista is perfect for having everything you need, without the normal accompanying footprint.


As our most symmetrical module, the Pano makes for a perfect control “hub” to flow onto the rest of a home. Ideally designed for tight site plans and to be used in creating your perfect configuration of modules and walkways. The Pano is a great compromise of having space for everything you need in a central module, but still staying within your pre-set budget.


Summit is our largest and tallest space at over 3.5 meters high. This module creates so much flexibility that caters to every family’s needs. The Summit can be great just by itself as a fully self-contained home, a garage or office space, as well as combining multiple or together with other modules to create the perfect kitchen and living space for family and friends to enjoy.

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