Our Modular Homes

House building is now completely reimagined with our Connect Homes modules. You design your space, we build it, and we install it all on site. From when your own designs are finalised, to when you turn the key in your brand new home, becomes a 3-5 month pleasure, rather than a 10-12 month ordeal. 

Our Process

Designing your space

Timeframe: All up to you
Choose from one of our practical pre-made design plans or work with our architects to create a space that fits your family, lifestyle and budget.

Planning and permit approval

Timeframe: 2-3 months
This is where we make sure your plans are all up to council specification and wait for them to come back with the all clear.

Building your home

Timeframe: 2-5 weeks                                                                                                 
Here we bring your ideas to life. Your house will be built by our dedicated team in house here in Hamilton. With our streamlined and refined building process, we can build these modules in a matter of weeks, not months.

Deliver and install

Timeframe: Up to 3 weeks
Your house is moved onto your site from our factory and we begin setting up all utilities and appliances. Final checks are done and the house is signed off ready for you to move in.

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